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Jennifer Price
5/23/2010 02:30:35 am

Great job on the website. It's amazing. Love all the photos. Molly, take one of Eric so we know for sure he's there, too! What a great experience for you two. Looking forward to visiting. Jen

5/23/2010 03:29:17 am

I was all excited to be your first post, but Jennifer beat me to it. I love the new website and it is going to be a great way to keep track of the two of you. The pictures are amazing. Some of those buildings look like they are fake... Hey Eric, I am going to see Hanzel Und Gretyl Tuesday night. I thought you may like that.

Miss you both and I will be keeping up with the blogs and posting when I can. I try and check Skype a lot also, I will try to leave it on so I can catch you guys on occasion. I hope you both had a great weekend.

5/23/2010 01:53:04 pm

LOVE the photos - so chic in Shenghai - told you those aviator sunglasses look great on you! :^)

Thank you so much for posting all this. It helps so much to see where you are. You are always on our minds here!


Matt & Cristina
5/23/2010 03:43:14 pm

Great JOB!! The photos are gorgeous! We love the site and hope you continue to keep us updated. You're in our thoughts. MIss you.

Aunt Patty
5/24/2010 12:23:09 pm

So much for my city view...
What an adventure. Still planning on the lake in July? LOve, Patty

Jim, Sherri and Tim Murphy
5/24/2010 01:26:50 pm

Hi Molly and Eric,

We are all sitting around Murphy Manor in Pinebrook enjoying your website! Nice Job! We are all thinking about a plan to come and visit you. The Jamison is flowing and Tim has been giving us all the low down on both of you. It is awesome! Have an outstanding time and let us know if you find a winery in China, HA!

Take care and we will look forward to the next post!

Roger levin ( Janet siegel husband)
5/26/2010 09:49:50 am

I am Janet siegel's husband.
I love the blog and look forward to more.
I visit Beijing for the first time in a week- 8 day business trip with some sightseeing
Have fun
it all sounds great

Mary Jo Dewar
5/26/2010 10:17:24 am

Thank you so much for sharing. Having an ongoing blog keeps the excitement of the moment in your telling. Never again can it be told the same again. I am excited to be able to see all of your adventures. You are teaching all of us as you go. I will check in often.
Mary Jo


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