Well, it has just been crazy....so we apologize for not writing for so long....we spent a couple of weeks in Australia which was fantastic.  One week for work and the other for vacation on the Gold Coast.  One of the coolest things we did was an adventure called the Sydney Bridge Climb...we put a picture of us from the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in our gallery - it was very cool!  It took about 1.5 hours and we were 135 meters above the water....it was a long way down!The weather was perfect and we a great time on the beach and by the pool.  We met some wonderful people and had some great food.  

Molly has been to Delhi, India and found some beautiful pashmina's - the work sewing on them is amazing.  Eric has been traveling across parts of China trying to get caught up after the Chinese New Year Celebration.  

So 2011 is the year of the Rabbit - and we are so glad we were gone during the celebrations.  The amount of fireworks they light off here is crazy....I actually put a flip video in the video section of the site.....Eric took the last night they can do fireworks....this was taken right off our balcony - Eric had to go back inside so he didn't get hit by them!

Right now we are starting a really busy time at work - strategy plans across the business as well as some major projects - so we are really just working a lot, but planning on a short trip to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat - which I am really excited about it.  We hope you are all doing well and we look forward to time at the lake this summer!

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