Well we have been back in Shanghai for 1 week now - and the weather is so hot and humid it is incredible.  We don't even feel you can breathe very easy.  Our vacation at the lake was amazing and we had fantastic weather.  Eric got to boat and bike -- Molly skied and paddleboarded all over the lake.  Eric has even decided that it would be a good sport and did it several times with Molly.  As a side note there is now a picture of Eric in our photo gallery - it was taken on our way home from a paddle board between the little lake and Priest.

Our trip back was uneventful and we came on the Air Canada flight from Vancouver BC -- we have decided that is an awesome way to get here -- we landed early enough for us to be at our apartment by 3:45 p.m.  That meant that our Aiyi (Lucy) was still here -- she helped unpack everything (including our 4 duffel bags of food) -- by 5:30 p.m. all 6 of our bags were unloaded and laundry was started.  It really is amazing to have that help.  I thought it might take me awhile to get used to it, but apparently it only took me 2 weeks.  She is amazing and really helpful.  Eric and my closets have never been so organized and the laundry is way better than when I do it....

The first morning here is always a challenge because we wake up early -- so we went to do a work out (5:30 a.m.) -- the gym was not open yet so we went to the park across from our apartment for a walk -- seriously that was a really scary thing.  Eric thought it was like being in a park of zombies -- next time we are there that early we will take a flip video - because you have to see it to believe it....

On Saturday we decided to go for a walk.  Not sure why, it was 97 degrees and the humidity was at least that level.  We were sweating before we hit the end of the first block.  But, we walked around for 6 hours -- and I think we must have gone at least 8 miles -- we did stop and get a massage at the end of that walk -- which made it a little better.  Ironically when it is that hot -- there are fewer people out, because it is so miserable -- we walked so much both Eric and I got blisters -- so no walking on Sunday....we stayed in the air conditioned apartment all day.
Eric is leaving for a trip tomorrow into the middle of China to meet with our Co-Chairman and local government officials - it is the first meeting like this he will have been to.....we should have some good blog material from that.  Molly is getting ready for her first trip to India -- a whole week in at least 2 different cities.

Overall we are doing well and hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

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