OK so this week started off on a crazy foot - it was snowing in Shanghai.  This is unusually early - so they said that meant good luck - I am not sure I agree.  Eric and I are getting ready to go to Thailand - it should be a very interesting visit - we are looking forward to sitting on a beach and doing nothing - except maybe a little reading and swimming.
We posted a couple of video's - one is of our apartment so everyone would see our baby christmas tree and lights on the deck as well as the Eaton facility here.  They put up a tree - it looks a little like the Charlie Brown tree - but it looks very festive so we thought to show it to all of you.
We also added some pictures of my short visit home - it includes pictures of my new nephew Bastian and some family and friends.  It was a great time to see everyone and made my holidays.
Happy Holidays to everyone!