Well it is June 29th and we are just getting back from a crazy couple of weeks.  The first part is that our computer lost its "motherboard" so we were without for about 2 weeks -- but it seems like they fixed it and all is working now...we shall see in about 6 months.  If you would have seen us trying to talk to apple from here - then go to a best buy to get help and then be sent to a service center -- its just crazy.  If something usually takes 2 hours -- it will take 20 in China.  We are getting a lot more settled in our apartment -- I uploaded some video's so you can all see what it looks like.  Even better news is that today we officially hired our AiYi -- Lucy.  So far we have had trouble finding someone who spoke enough english, and was o.k. with not having children.  Apparently -- that is a very important thing over here - and if you have kids its easier to get really good help.  

Eric has probably taken the most interesting trip -- he spent a week in New Delhi, India.  We are posting some video's from his trip.  He liked India overall and enjoyed getting to see the country.  He had no problems with the food and actually got some very cool artwork that we now will have in our apartment.  He got to go see a couple of our partners that are working with us -- and if you see the video's you can have a sense for how dirty it was...and how poor the infrastructure is in that country.  While he was there he actually was in Delhi when a honor killing happened.  The parents of the daughter invited the boyfriend over to their home to try and get them to not be together.  Eventually the parents tortured and electrocuted both of them over the course of 2 hours.  That issue aside one of the pieces he thought was the most amazing was that the people were so poor -- but they were really happy.  And although they are a democratic state -- they have 20 years backlog worth of court cases because they only have 10 judges per 1 million people -- apparently the US has 110 per 1 million.  There 22 million people who live in this city, but it is spread out over a really big area because no building is over 4 stories tall typically....very different than china where everything is over 16

While Eric was in India - Molly was in Europe -- and from my perspective definitely got a better deal!  I was in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Bonn (Germany), and Amsterdam.  It was a really crazy week and I did not have the camera so the couple of pictures I took are not nearly as good as Eric's.  But I had a great time watching "football" in the world cup -- both the netherlands and denmark were playing when I was in those countries and people go crazy -- its like a month of superbowl games!  I did get to go to Tivoli in Copenhagen at night -- which was very fun -- I won Murphy a stuffed animal playing the games and I got to have some sort of pastry that was so good I could have eaten them for a month.

In 14 days we leave for Singapore and from there get to come home for a 2 week vacation at the lake.  We are anxious to take some time off -- we have not had any vacation yet -- and both of us are feeling a little burned out. We are doing well and out jobs are keeping us both really busy.  Eric has been working on strategic plans, rebuilding his organization and learning about the markets.  Molly is doing current state maps of all the sales support, project management and computer technical tools for the sales organization.  We both are drinking out of a firehose!

Hope you are doing well!  We miss the US....